Maria Palmer

Maria Palmer

Dragged kicking and screaming from the dive bar whence she came, Maria Palmer continues to kick and scream on the radio waves. Keeping the rock ‘n...Full Bio

Sop It Up

Video Killed the Podcast Stars

Well... "stars" might be a reach. But we were victimized by Video nonetheless. (aka, when you hear us mention being a YouTube, we are accidentally lying. Not this episode. But we're getting closer!! Ok this is getting to be a little much for parentheses. Sorry for whispering in your head this long.)

Weird Rich People

Shinedown, Vibraslap, TSwizzle Pregnancy Rumors, Legit Nepo Babies, Steven Tyler's Creepiness, Billionaire Hullaballoo and generalized shooting of the shit between Maria Palmer and Marris Harris Girls' Girl

Hairy Buttkiss

Or Harrison Butker, whatever his name is. He's discussed, Star Wars milking, shows that got ruined by streaming, Marris gets worried he'll be replaced by the smooth-talking Brit from last week, Maria tries to comfort him with a sincere moment... you'll hear how that turns out.

Great British Pound

Special guest Cavern Kingston subs in for Marris Harris Girls' Girl to discuss Audio Porn, Russell Brand, Space Junk, Metric System Conversions and more while Maria doesn't stop obnoxiously laughing for about 40 minutes straight.

See Too E To

C2E2 Recap, Minor League Baseball, Whoopi Goldberg, the Roast of Tom Brady, Broadway, Lying AI, and Marris won't get off his fucking phone.

Aliens, Please Don't Listen

Are Aliens Smarter than Us? C2E2, Spraying Axe on Sheep, MTV and VH1

Ninja Loopers

Look, we talk a lot, we flit from topic to topic, but ultimately this episode is about how fuckable the Ninja Turtles are (very).

Get Jizzy With It

The Fratellis, Poptart wars, Monarchy/Kardashians comparisons, the Lollapalooza Lineup, this episode has it all! And more!! and then even more until you kind of want it to stop. AND THEN MORE.

Let's Get Crabs!

Maria and Marris talk atheltics, hentai, crabs. Ya know, the general chaos.