Phrases that Make You Appear Weak

2023 is the year of strength, assertiveness, and power. We're doing away with these phrases word experts Kathy and Ross Petras say make you sound weak or timid.

First up, "I'm sorry to ask this, but..." no you're not, alpha. You jump right in with your dominant question, "how are you coping with your dad's death?" None of that pansy apologizing. Next!

"I could do that..." a bit wishy-washy, player. Next time try, "I WILL" as in "I WILL fake nausea at work so a sick day is offered rather than requested." Next!

"You need to..." woah, slow down there, Pathetic Patty. Statements that start with "you" can come across as controlling. Not a good look. You're gonna wanna go with an "I-based" statement like "I need you to be better." Way less confrontational!

Ok here's the actual article I'll stop being a jackass now.

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