Best Music Discovery EVER...this week: Mt. Joy "Highway Queen"

This week’s ALT 104.5 Best Music Discovery EVER...this week, is “Highway Queen” by Mt. Joy

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More on Mt. Joy

Behind "Highway Queen" - written by lead singer, Matt Quinn

  • The song is about being in love with someone you see a bit of yourself in. My wife is from Brazil, left home when she was 15 to chase a dream and had success that has kept her away from home and moved her all over the world ever since. Living away from home corrals your demons in a specific way, you feel like the only way to out run them is to keep moving, and it makes being home torturous. It’s something I personally struggle with so I know it when I see it in someone else, especially someone I love. Now we share a home together and I hope this song can represent a reminder that we have each other to work through it all and hopefully the rest of our lives to figure it out at whatever pace we need. 

Details of the actual making of the song 

  • We were touring a lot when this song came to me, so it was great to be able to practice it live in front of audiences and work it out a bit with the band. Fortunately, we were able to get a couple days in with Jon Gilbert in Los Angeles then we were back on the road and were able to get the band in on a day off to lay down parts in Philadelphia on a day off at Spice House studios, where we made a lot of Orange Blood. Then finally around ACL, we put the finishing touches on it at Adrian Quesada’s awesome studio in Austin. 

Explanation of the imagery behind the content pieces around "Highway Queen"

  • I thought for imagery for this record it would be cool just to have my wife kinda look through her camera roll and her film pictures that she has been taking for the last few years. The picture on the cover is a picture she took out the window of her family car on the drive that she takes to leave her home in rural Brazil and make the 8 hour drive to the nearest airport. Everyone knows the imagery that takes them away from home to wherever they’ve landed. Ingrid has made a habit of taking a cheap film camera with her everywhere we go. She does a great job of kind of documenting our journey all over the world. So, it feels extra special to have one of those pictures attached to a song that feels like it could be playing when that picture was taken. 

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