Fan Brings Dog To Metal Show Then Gets Chewed Out By Band

Photo: Twitter

A fan brought his dog to a Motionless in White's concert in Scranton, PA over the weekend, and the metalcore band's drummer Vinny Mauro was not happy about it. When footage surfaced of the man with his pet draped over his shoulders hit the internet, Mauro called him out on X (formerly Twitter). "Seeing the dog in the pit at our scranton show really bummed me out and I wanna go on record to say unless your dog is literally deaf and blind and somehow also loves to be held in the air for 3 hours, do not bring them to a show, headphones or not," he wrote.

See the video and his reaction below.

This isn't the first time a dog's been spotted at a metal show lately. Last month, a dog snuck out of her house, broke into a stadium, and watched a whole Metallica set.

"You might have heard we had a four-legged fan join us for #M72LA! Despite reports to the contrary, our friend Storm snuck out of her home adjacent to @SoFiStadium and made her way to the gig all by herself," reads a post on X. "After a full night taking in the show with her #MetallicaFamily, Storm was safely reunited with her actual family the next day. She had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including 'Barx Æterna,' 'Master of Puppies,' and 'The Mailman That Never Comes.' And in case you were wondering, no. You definitely shouldn’t bring your furry friends to the #M72 World Tour. But this dog sure did have her day…"

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