New Music Discovery of the Week: The Last Dinner Party - "Nothing Matters"

This week’s ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery Of The Week is “Nothing Matters” by The Last Dinner Party

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The Last Dinner Party are excited to unleash their debut single, Nothing Matters. It is streaming now, and backed by a video directed by Saorla Houston and the band. Watch here

The track was produced by James Ford in London, and it follows months of excitement that stems from a series of much hyped live shows inside and outside of the capital. With record labels following them down the motorway, all baying for their signatures, and the band making a glorious mess of stages ahead of the likes of Nick Cave and The Rolling Stones, The Last Dinner Party have done it all without uploading a note of music online.

Until now. Nothing Matters is the sound of five young women making the music they wanted to hear and inspired by the live shows they hadn’t ever seen. It’s riveting, it’s charming, it’s exciting, and it’s really, really good.

Fronted by expressive, livewire vocalist Abigail Morris, The Last Dinner Party are a complete breath of fresh air. A band who mean every word they sing and every note they play, but really, they just want to have a lot of fun. And they want you to join them.

Nothing Matters is a brilliant introduction to a vital new band.

The Last Dinner Party are:

Abigail Morris (vocals), Georgia Davies (bass), Lizzie Mayland (guitar), Aurora Nishevci (keys), and Emily Roberts (lead guitar)


From serenading the dimly-lit corners of East London pubs to Courting interest from several major record labels, agents, promoters & publishers in a few short months, The Dinner Party have burst forth gloriously into the guitar music renaissance.

Conceived during a wine-stained evening in Brixton, the name embodies a musical and aesthetic ethos of decadence, mystery, spectacle and charm. Finding artistry in the intersection between the beautiful, sublime and grotesque, the band are guided by their favourite Romantic poets and Gothic novelists.

The preceding years of isolation and anxiety have only served to heighten The Dinner Party’s creative appeal as they usher in a new era of unashamed maximalism and untethered euphoria. They cast their net of inspiration across artists and genres, from Kate Bush and David Bowie, glam rock and new wave, to unexpected moments of twelve bar blues, classical overture and heavy synth breakdowns.

Singer Abigail, guitarists Emily and Lizzie, keyboardist Aurora and bassist Georgia weave a fantasy of haunting melodies, explosive choruses, and lyrics that embrace tragedy and triumph in equal measure. At their shows, the band lead audiences through the soaring crescendos and pin-drop silences of the most debaucherous dinner parties, gathering a dedicated and growing company of attendees with every performance.

The band are currently based in London writing, recording, and preparing for their next spectacle.

You are cordially invited.

The Dinner Party



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