New Music Discovery of the Week: YUNGBLUD "Lowlife"

This week’s ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery Of The Week is “Lowlife” by YUNGBLUD

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More on the YUNGBLUD:

‘Lowlife’ is the beginning of a new era for Yungblud - visually, sonically & creatively - and is the first peek into his new project that will be released this Autumn.

Rarely does an artist come along such as Yungblud, who has undeniably become the voice of Gen-Z, using his music to unite and empower the youth of today. From the ground up, Yungblud has nurtured a vast collective of dedicated fans around the globe - a close-knit family that’s grown into the millions. With a social following of over 14.5 million, over 5 billion TikTok views, 6.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, 5 billion global streams, Yungblud is firmly amongst the top alternative artists of his generation.

His breakneck voyage through the alt cosmos continues in 2023, with the release of new single ‘Lowlife’ marking a fresh new era that simultaneously takes him back to his roots and into the heady new future of Yungblud.

Discussing the single, he says “I wrote ‘Lowlife’ because I just didn’t want to leave my house. I was sick of people, of games, of myself, my friends, anytime I did anything some idiot had an opinion about it. What I should do or be. The truth is I didn't want to be anything at all sometimes, I wanted to be nothing. So I just didn't leave bed. I was dissatisfied and craving some sort of boredom. The type of boredom where you sit in your house, in the same sheets and watch fucking mind numbing TV, so I wrote a song about it.”

Yungblud is about playing the truth and watching what happens. That sentiment has never been truer than now, entering a new era of Yungblud that sees him not just reclaim his artistry with both hands but rip up the rulebook.

“The way I have released music for the past two years, or at least an album, has been boring” he says. “It's uninspired. It's unintuitive. And ultimately, I'm bored. I'm bored of art. I'm bored of being sold to. I’m bored of the charts. I'm tired of numbers facilitating whether my art is good or not. I put on the radio and I scroll through social media and I watch people sell to me like I've sold to people in the past, and I'm done with it. I’m changing it up, going back to what I believe in.” He continues, “I know who I am, I know who my fans are, and I know what’s made me fall in love with this journey I’m on and it isn’t the charts or the numbers, so I’m doubling down on what does matter, and that’s the music and the fans.”

He says “There is a project coming and the way I'm going to release it is going to be stranger and more innovative. I'm fucking buzzing about it. It is so pure and I’m in the fucking driving seat. It's me and 300 kids in fucking Camden like it used to be in 2019 but now there's millions of them!”

This new mindset is teamed with a sonic and creative shift too. Sonically, Yungblud returns to his alternative roots while also taking creative risks with quirky yet detailed production, and considered instrumentation that simultaneously feels new and nostalgic, bringing an entirely refreshed energy to his music. He also delves deeper than ever before in his most honest and raw lyrical narration to date, with intricate and sophisticated wordplay that, teamed with that sonic shift, brings a darkness and intensity to this new chapter.

The process of making this project saw Yungblud neglect the notion of being beholden to influences and enter the studio with no references or preconceived idea of the outcome. Discussing this new approach and working with new collaborator Paul Meany, he says “I’ve not been going into the studio intent on making something like, ‘Close To Me’ or ‘Born This Way’ or ‘Life On Mars’. We’d start with a blank canvas each time, bring up a beat and see what the fuck happens. The best thing about Paul is that he doesn't give a shit about anything other than believing in the artist in front of him”.

As an artist who has vehemently pivoted from the music industry’s cookie-cutter definition of success, Yungblud, ironically, has been topping the charts and filling the mantlepiece since the very beginning of his phenomenal rise. Following his self-titled EP and full-length 2018 debut, ‘21st Century Liability’, he went on to win ‘Best Music Video’ at the NME Awards in Feb 2020 and Best Alternative artist at the 2021 MTV EMAs. Over the years, he has performed to sold-out crowds in over 20 countries and played some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Austin City Limits, Life Is Beautiful, Lollapalooza, Rock Am Ring, Reading and Leeds Festivals, and Vans Warped Tour. Yungblud released the coming-of-age album ‘weird!’ in 2020, which debuted at #1 on the UK Official Album Chart. Yungblud’s third full-length album ‘YUNGBLUD’, marked an exciting and unique chapter. The album went to #1 in six countries and has achieved over 423M streams since its release in September 2022. In Autumn 2020, he launched The YUNGBLUD Podcast on BBC Sounds, where he meets young music fans who are approaching turning points in their lives, to discuss topics and issues affecting young people today whether it be gender, sexuality, identity, money worries, friendships, style, or mental health.

Yungblud has just completed a huge run of sold out arenas in the UK and Europe, and South American festivals, on his headline tour titled YUNGBLUD - The World Tour. He embarks on the US leg throughout June, July and August performing to his biggest North American crowds to date.


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