New Music Discovery of the Week: Grouplove "Hello"

This week’s ALT 104.5 New Music Discovery Of The Week is “Hello” by Grouplove

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More on Grouplove:

Indie rock favorites GROUPLOVE have announced their next album I Want it All Right Now due out July 7th on Glassnote Records, their first release on the indie powerhouse label. “In celebration of the announcement, they have also shared the double single “Hello”/ “All” as well as accompanying connected music videos for each that detail the central themes of the album and see the band wearing a custom five-person suit (designed by Nonja McKenzie). The narrative within the two videos will continue throughout the campaign. 


Built on a raw but incandescent sound vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hooper refers to as “resistance pop,” I Want It All Right Now explores that paradox with equal parts tenderness, curiosity, and exacting self-revelation—ultimately arriving at a body of work that leaves the listener newly awakened to the wisdom of their own intuition.


In a moment of unbridled expression emblematic of the Atlanta-based band, the album-opening “All” finds vocalist/guitarist Christian Zucconi listing off a litany of unmet desires, then explodes into a glorious outburst of longing and frustration. “That song is our way of asking, ‘Why do we always want something more than what we have?’” says Zucconi. “So many of us are stuck in this perpetual cycle of seeking some type of validation or fulfillment from the outside world, when it’s very possible that everything we need already exists within us.”


On “Hello,” GROUPLOVE share an ineffable buoyant track they recorded their last day in the studio. “We had this demo Ben and I had been working on that wasn’t quite finished and we decided to break it out and mess around with it,” Hooper says. “There was this real free and casual feeling that we were done with the album so let’s see where this goes in the studio. We went into the lounge and just wrote the chorus on the spot.” Zucconi adds, “It is funny because it feels so lighthearted, like a sing-along, but if you listen it’s all about feeling lost and alone and wanting so badly for people to look up and connect.”


Produced by Grammy-winning producer John Congleton (Death Cab For Cutie, Wallows, St Vincent), GROUPLOVE’s sixth LP and first release since signing to Glassnote Records, I Want It All Right Now emerged from a period of intense transformation for Hooper and Zucconi, a married couple who are principal songwriters and lead vocalists for the band. “For me this whole journey started with wanting or asking for certain things from the world around me, then slowly turning inward and realizing I needed to pay more attention to what was going on internally,” says Hooper. Largely informed by their experience in raising a daughter with sensory needs, the album’s 11 wildly kaleidoscopic songs document that shift from external searching to radical self-discovery, embedding each track with so much warmly articulated insight. “Our daughter has been our teacher and completely reframed the way we see the world,” says Hooper. “From the get-go our band has been about bringing joy and a sense of safety and inclusion to people’s lives, and now we feel even more of a need to help everyone feel this very powerful love that we believe exists, and that links all of us together.


Along the journey of recording this album, Hooper, a long time visual artist as well as musician, whose artwork is featured on previous album covers, found herself painting a female figure that embodies the emotional journey of this record that eventually became the album artwork. 


GROUPLOVE blends a quirky, '90s-style indie rock sensibility with a spirited, arena-ready roar. A bold leap forward for the band—whose lineup also includes bassist Daniel Gleason, guitarist Andrew Wessen, and drummer Ben Homola—I Want It All Right Now fully harnesses the ecstatic energy of their live show while amplifying the unabashedly playful spirit the band has embodied since their 2011 debut Never Trust a Happy Song, which spawned the number one Billboard Alternative Songs Chart hit "Tongue Tied." They have continued to straddle mainstream and indie success, playing festivals around the globe and remaining Top 20 Billboard Alternative chart regulars with albums like 2013's Spreading Rumours and 2020's Healer. In 2021, GROUPLOVE returned with their surprise fifth album, This Is This


2023 will see the band releasing their new album and embarking on a North American stadium/arena tour with pop superstar P!NK.

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