Liam Gallagher Slams Fans Who Say He Shouldn't Sing Oasis Songs At Shows

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Liam Gallagher has had quite the successful solo career since Oasis disbanded, but he still performs a handful of songs from his old band's back catalogue during solo shows. While this most likely delights the majority of fans, there must be enough who criticize his song selection because Gallagher took to Twitter to share his thoughts on those who don't believe he should perform Oasis songs during solo gigs.

Never one to mince words, the former Oasis frontman wrote "Anyone who got a problem with me singing oasis tunes ain’t real oasis fans there [sic] just massive C**TZ."

While his words may seem harsh at times, Gallagher recently addressed Robbie Williams' claim that Oasis were "gigantic bullies" in the music industry.

“Ultimately, I’m a huge fan of Oasis and [always] was. I was there and I was part of it, and it was f**king unbelievable: incredible hedonism, reckless abandon and rock’n’roll, and ‘let’s turn it to 11, 12 and let’s see where this goes’. It’s part of that competitive nature of me, too,” the English singer-songwriter said at the time. “Also they were gigantic bullies too, to the whole industry, everybody in it – and I didn’t like that. A lot of that still remains inside me. They’re probably different people now but there’s a lot of me that’s like, ‘They’re f**king bullies, them. I don’t like bullies.’”

Gallagher responded after a fan asked him his thoughts on the comments via Twitter. “I agree with him on the vital ting not on the bully thing,” he wrote. “I’ve never bullied anyone in my life I’m a massive piss taker for sure and probably gone a little too far sometimes, but if I’ve ever hurt anyone’s feelings I apologise.”

The "vital" part of the tweet comes from another comment Williams made during the interview.

“He’s doing fine. And he’s rocking it,” he said about Gallagher. “The great thing about being a fan of Oasis is when Liam comes out with a great album, I can be a fan. The great thing about being resentful towards them is when they don’t, I’m happy. I win on both sides."

"It’s so genuine, Liam’s last album that he put out: there’s like five or six tracks on there that are just like… I’m so glad he exists. I’m so glad that he is a personality out there that’s vital, because there’s not many of them about," he continued. "And especially in this day and age where pop stars can’t say and do and be personalities, it’s fantastic that there’s a Liam Gallagher in the world.”

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