WILLOW Celebrates Women In New Song 'Hover Like A GODDESS'

WILLOW is celebrating women in her latest single "hover like a GODDESS." The new track picks up where her 2021 pop punk debut Lately I Feel Everything left off, as she yearningly sings "I won't be fine if you won't be mine."

Though the lyrics sound like a love song between WILLOW and the "GODDESS," the singer-songwriter considers it more about an ode to women everywhere. “Every woman deserves to be worshiped,” she said in a statement. “This song is an ode to the divine goddess within us all.”

In addition to the new song, WILLOW also announced a new album <COPINGMECHANISM>, which is slated for a September 23 release.

Though pop punk seems to be WILLOW's main inspiration these days, she recently opened up about how classic rock has influenced her music. “If you really think about it, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was the craziest [song],” she told Rolling Stone. “Nobody could even think about putting a beautiful operatic part right next to a metal breakdown and insane guitar solo… There’s something deeply musical and beautiful about classic rock.”

WILLOW will be performing during the 2022 Daytime Stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 24th. Fans can tune in to stream live via iHeartMedia radio stations throughout the country across more than 150 markets, and watch via an exclusive national television broadcast special on The CW Network in October. Get ticket info here.

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