Magazine Puts Topless Billie Eilish On Cover-WITHOUT CONSENT

Billie Eilish is everywhere right now-even in some places she is not. It seems NYLON magazine decided to cash in on her name by putting her on the cover, but not really. They got around the technicality of requesting her consent because it's a created image-topless and bald. They called it a "fembot"...but non-bot Billie was not impressed.

You can read Eilish's full post on NYLON‘s Instagram below.

“what the f**k is this shit.

1. i was never approached by nylon about this piece whatsoever. i did not know it was happening nor did anyone on my team.

2. this is not even a real picture of me.

i had absolutely no creative input.

3. youre gonna make a picture of me shirtless?? thats not real?? at 17? and make it the cover???? even if the picture was supposed to look like some robot version of me… i did not consent in any way.


booooooooooo to you🖕🏻”

Think it's safe to say things are on fire at the NYLON offices right now....

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