Brother Sundance Meet and Greet Pics + Backstage Interview

Brother Sundance stopped backstage at our July 2018 Summer Block Party at Festival Pier in Philadelphia to chat with Cole and Meet and Greet with fans for photos.

Grab your high res meet and greet picture with Brother Sundance here.

Brother Sundance talks to Cole backstage about how he was inspired to learn guitar to impress a girlfriend who was really into One Direction, his former life as a music teacher at School of Rock, the story behind his song "Blind" and more. He admits he was a poor music student himself taking lessons from others and talks about learning how to program drums and learn instruments on his own. They also chat about the vocal harmonies on the album and the live touring band. Also, listen to find out what artist Brother Sundance obsesses over and would love to open or play with in the future... 

Watch the full interview below!

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