Ways to Help Support Your Local Philly Area Venues

These are definitely unprecedented times we're living in, since most of us have been lucky enough not to see a big pandemic in our lifetimes until now. And in these uncertain times a lot of folks are living day to day, not knowing whether they will have enough money for food or rent or whatever else comes up. So it's obvious not everyone will be able to contribute now. But if you're working a job from home or are secure with your finances for a little while and have a few dollars to spare, here are some ways to help some of your favorite local music venues and their staff, who are often artists playing in these venues.

*Note: There are many fundraisers in the area going on now, this article is focused on highlighting ones that contribute to Philly-area music venues and music & arts organizations.

As always DM/tag me @phillymusicpodcast on IG, @phillymusicpod on Twitter, and message me phillymusicpodcast@gmail.com if you want to add a venue or fundraiser to the list. Or if you want to leave a message about how you're feeling, drop me a voicemail at 484-429-6949.





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