Gerard Way & Joe Rogan Are Cousins!

Joe Rogan says he's pretty sure that he is the Cousin of Gerard and Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance!

Rogan shared this info with guest Kevin Smith on episode 1,372 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (video below). Kevin Smith brought up the topic when he asked Rogan about his "Grandmother Josie...Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance". Rogan replied with "Yes, yes...we're related". Smith followed up with "That's what [Way] said. I was like 'I'm going to do Joe Rogan' and he goes 'I don't have 100 percent confirmation on this, but I'm pretty sure Jose Rogan is my cousin because my any Josie was his grandmother'."

Rogan followed up with the fact that they don't know each other as Smith urged him to have Gerard on as a guest. Check out the interaction below!

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