Blink 182's Matt Skiba takes 'the blame' for getting Fyre Fest canceled!

Likely you've heard about the ill-fated Fyre Festival by now...though I actually had a conversation with someone last week who hadn't, so...

Blink-182 was among the artists who were originally on the bill, but pulled out in advance when it was evident the Festival organizers didn't have their act together. So now, Blink's guitarist Matt Skiba and his 'witchy ways' are taking for credit for getting the Festival canceled! Check out comments, via SPIN

I’ve been to the Bahamas before and it’s so crass. You land in Nassau and the whole island is replete with beauty and culture, but there’s a lot of poverty. It is a largely black population then they build these places like Atlantis and The Cove that are walled off.It’s classist and racist and then they decided to park a bunch of yachts with models to show off in front of those poor people, going down there with all your Ferraris and bullshit and yachts. “We pulled out for technical and logistical issues and the rest of it crumbled to shit because that’s what it was,...It was bullshit. I used my witchy ways and it seemed to work. I’ll take responsibility and everyone can blame me.”

Blink-182 (Photo: Wendy George for iHeartRadio)

Blink-182 (Photo: Wendy George for iHeartRadio)

Photo: Wendy George for iHeartRadio

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