KISS's Gene Simmons is trying to trademark \m/ 'Devil Horns'!

I was a fan of KISS when I was growing up, but Gene Simmons lost me along the way and his new effort to trademark ‘devil horns’ is not helping!


I’m sure you’ve seen it along the way ….Index and pinky fingers up with thumb perpendicular.

Now, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the gesture which he claims he first used on November 14, 1974 on the KISS ‘Hotter Than Hell’ tour

With that, Billboard points out that the symbol also compares to "Sign of the horns," a devil signal that Wikipedia says dates back to the 5th Century BC.

I don’t see Simmons winning this one, though on Gene's behalf, people seem to associate him with the gesture. Look at the comments from his Instagram post on a completely different topic.

More HERE (via Billboard)