This week - Win tix for Dreamcar & Coheed and Cambria

Everybody's favorite game show (with a couple of exceptions) is back...this week’s prize is tickets for Dreamcar (Davey Havok from AFI, with Tom Dumond, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young from No Doubt) at The TLA on May 22nd and tickets for Coheed and Cambria at The Filmore on Sunday, April 23rd...You can win during Alternative Mornings with Johnny on Radio 104.5, via our new game is 'That's A Lie', also known as....'Alternative Facts!'.... but this is the truth...

Here's how it works...

Weekday mornings around 7:10, I will share 3 random facts about Radio 104.5 artists/music, with 2 of the tracks being true and 1 being false.  We will ask you to Text us (91045 - standard text rates apply) or Tweet @Radio1045 which of the statements is false, and we will select random correct answers to win that day's prize. Plus, don't forget we will follow it up with one-hundred-four minutes commercial free, starting around 7:35as

Here's how it works:

If you listened on Marcus Mumford's birthday, we honored the Mumford & Sons' front man with the following statements...

  • OPTION A: Marcus Mumford has dual British and US citizenship after being born in California, but his family moved back to the UK when he was six months old.Though he was raised in England, Mumford was born in Southern California while his parents were visiting missionaries for The Vineyard, an evangelical Christian movement with a strong emphasis on worship music.
  • OPTION B: Marcus Mumford Met His Wife Carey Mulligan when they were childrenThe couple only dated for a few months before tying the knot, but they were childhood friends – pen pals, even! – who first met through their respective churches. Mulligan went on to become an acclaimed actress before meeting Mumford again as an adult.
  • OPTION C: Marcus Mumford was born Marcus Gustafson, with his stage name inspired by a Muppet called The Amazing Mumford 

Did you know which statement was False?  I will tell you below






OPTION C: Marcus Mumford was born Marcus Gustafson, with his stage name inspired by a Muppet called The Amazing Mumford...THAT'S A LIE!!! Marcus's real name is Marcus Mumford!

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