The Killers have given update on their eagerly anticipated album

The Killers have given an update on their eagerly anticipated album telling NME that they’re ‘nearly there and promised to play new music at Britain’s Hyde Park Festival on July 8th. The question now is if they’ll be ready to play their new stuff by the Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration Day 2 on June 11th.

The band has been working with U2’s producer Jacknife Lee in Las Vegas, San Diego, LA and Joshua Tree since September. In an interview with NME, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr said, “It’s sounding good; we have a problem with taking two steps forward and one step back, so that makes it take longer. We keep asking ourselves: ‘What does a four- piece band do? How do you keep it fresh?’ It’s a constant exercise in experimentation…. We’re trying to arrive at something we’re all just a little bit uncomfortable with. When everyone is slightly uncomfortable, then we know we’re there.”

In that interview, both Brandon Flowers and Vannucci confirmed that they’d have new music in July.

Back in January, the Killers shared a quick trailer (below) and said some of the songs are the heaviest they’ve done.

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