'5 Second Rule' legitimized!

Even if you've not worked in a restaurant, you've probably heard of the '5 second rule'. If not, the rule simply states...theorizes...that if you drop food on the floor and retrieve it within 5 seconds, it remains safe for consumption. With that, I've often heard the 'rule' disputed, yet have not seen hard scientific research to support or deny the claim.

Now, the researchers as Aston University in Birmingham, England say the 'five second rule' is legit! They placed 10 million bacteria on laminate, tiles and carpet, which is hundreds more than a typical home, and dropped several food items to record how many germs transferred after 3 and 30 seconds and found most foods did not pick up enough germs to infect us!  Read more HERE (via NY Post)

P.S. despite this study, I personally can't recommend the 5 second rule....

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