The Offspring Make Fun of Carpool Karaoke W/ New Series Cockpit Karaoke

photo: getty

Ha, let the bad times roll w/ the offspring, they just put on a spin on James Corden's show 'Carpool Karaoke' with their own version on a plane called 'Cockpit Karaoke'! It's a new video series that sees Dexter & Noodles singing along to some of the band's biggest hits iniside a private jet (flown by Dexter Holland who is actually a licensed pilot)!

According to SPIN

“We know everyone’s heard of Carpool Karaoke, but Cockpit Karaoke??? No one’s done that!!” Holland told SPIN. “Since I’m a pilot, we thought it would be great if Noodles and I had some fun and got to sing along to some of our many hits.”

For the series’ first installment, the duo take on their Smash hit “Come Out and Play,” with the “Keep ‘Em Separated Guy” along for the ride.


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