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Sleep Study Leads to Later Start Time for Upper Darby High

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Why do the younger kids get all the better stuff? I seriously would have had much better grades, I could NOT wake up early for the life of me...(probably the reason why I like being the nighttime DJ so much).

After a new "Sleep Study", Upper Darby High School will start classes later in the day beginning at 9:45a instead of the normal 7:30a! The new study showed that many teens do NOT perform well in classes that are early in the morning and so the school will implement asynchronous learning, with short offline 20 minute voluntary companion courses to use at home starting at 7:30a.

The school day will still end at the usual time around 3:00pm

According to Fox 29:

"This is not pandemic related," said Dr. Greg Manfre, Director of Secondary Education. "This is really mostly about the sleep study and what we think is best for our students."

The students don't have to do work at 7:30 a.m. They can do it after school, if they choose, and then sleep in.

"It's not homework, it's not a study hall. It's either preparation for or independent practice to what they were doing in class that day," said Manfre.

Principal Kelley Simone says that the process of learning won't dramatically change.

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