"Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours from now/ I'm getting vaccinated"

Did you get ur vaccination yet?! WOO HOO I HOPE SO! If not, maybe Kyle Gass of Tenacious D can help! He reworked the Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated" into a new song called "Vaccinated" and he's got a handful of his famous friends to help out!

via CoS

The comedic musician changed the words of the legendary punk tune to promote COVID-19 vaccinations. He sings, “Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours from now/ I’m getting vaccinated/ Waited so long that I wrote down this song/ I’m getting vaccinated.”

Among those joining Gass in the music video is his Tenacious D bandmate Jack Black, who prances around in doctor’s scrubs and a pair of giant needles. Also making appearances are Evanescence singer Amy Lee, who gets a “shot” from her son Jack, as well as other musicians like Danko Jones and Toto’s Steve Lukather (who plays guitar alongside Gass).