Jessie Chats with Film Producer/Writer (and Philly native) Steve Hellman

Anyone who has ever had a dream, needs to 1) watch this interview, and then 2) watch this film coming out This Friday called 'Taking The Fall'. It's a coming of age film that explores the societal pressures of millenial culture.

Meet Steve Hellman, ALT104.5 alum, and local dreamer who spent 8 years writing a film that will speak to you in ways you haven't been spoken to in a while. Steve left everything behind here in Philly, moved to LA, to go after his dream and now this Friday it's finally coming true. The film kept winning awards left and right at all of these film festivals last year during the pandemic..and now it's finally happening.

Steve got his first job after college working here at the radio station, then started producing videos in our digital department, then ended up in sales, and at one point I think Steve was answering phones at the front desk reception LOL He literally did everything for us. I'll never forget Steve coming into the studio at night, at least once a week, just to sit and talk with me before I went on the air, talking about his dreams and how he wanted to write and make a film, and he just never gave up. I can't really express how proud and inspired I am by Steve because not only does this film hit the nail right on the head for millenials, but it's almost like the film is telling his story in a sense- the underlying message? ... if you really wanna do something in life- go after it.

Steve did all of this independently. He made this film with no manager, no agent, no backing from a film studio- nothing. He took out loans, saved up cash and made many personal life sacrifices to see this thing through. He did this in the most unconventional way possible but he did it HIS way and made the film they way he wanted to make it, and that's why this story is so amazing and message is so beautiful. This film, making this film, and everything about writing this film has been STEVE'S LIFE. And on Friday, the world finally gets to see this baby come to life. I was lucky enough to see the film before it hits audiences, and wow....put it on your list for this upcoming weekend. You will be so happy you did. Check out our conversation below and you can also see the trailer in this blog post too.

FRIDAY his film "Taking The Fall" comes out on Amazon Prime and Apple TV/iTunes.