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Brooklyn Tattoo Shop Uses Disappearing Tattoo Ink!

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If you could get a tattoo knowing it would disappear in a year, what would you get?!

This tattoo parlor in Brooklyn, NY are the creators of this new disappearing ink and they just opened up NYC's new (and probably only) vanishing tattoo parlor! It's appropriately named Ephemeral Tattoo! They say this new ink is gone in 9-15 months! The made-to-fade process is the brainchild of Josh Sakhai and the two co-founders of a tattoo shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Check out the full story via Fox5 New York:

Six years, 60 ink formulations, and one pandemic later, they decided to take a leap of faith and open one of New York City's only, if not the only, vanishing-tattoo parlor — aptly named, Ephemeral Tattoo. The process mimics that of a permanent tattoo. But unlike a permanent tattoo, this one is gone in nine to 15 months.
"Every single material we use is already FDA approved for safety," Sakhai said. The idea stemmed from his religious upbringing, where tattoos are taboo.
"For me, rules and regulations were limitations on expression and one regulation was permanent tattoos," Sakhai said. "But really I was scared."

Erica Neal has always wanted to be inked but could not commit.

"My style changes up a lot — it's kind of hard to stay committed to anything," Neal said. "So this was an easy decision to make."

Ephemeral officially opens Thursday, March 25, but already a three-month wait. To book, check out ephemeral.tattoo.

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