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Tame Impala Play Sold-Out Concert in Australia

Here's a little bit of hope (now we know Australia has had this whole covid thing on lockdown) so after watching this, it's got me all excited and I can't wait to be at shows again!

On Friday night, Tame Impala RETURNED to the stage for the first of TWO sold-out shows in Perth!

via CoS

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker conceived Tame Impala Sound System back when Australia was in quarantine, and subsequently debuted the project with a series of television performance and an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk. These performance saw Parker and co. reimagine tracks from the band’s discography with synths, sequencers, and samplers. Or, as Parker himself describes it:

“Wielding their overflowing arsenal of synths, sequencers and samplers to rework and reimagine tracks from the Tame Impala discography and beyond, Tame Impala Sound System is a pulsating, fully live and organic, free-flowing digital jam out.”

Friday night’s setlist spanned 19 songs.


Apocalypse Dreams

Endors Toi

Keep on Lying



Daffodils (Mark Ronson cover)


Breathe Deeper

Music to Walk Home By


One More Year

Beverly Laurel

Reality in Motion

Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?


Let It Happen

Is It True


The Less I Know the Better

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