Late Night Shows Make Fun of NJ Weed Legalization

Recreational weed is officially legal now in NJ and it's big news. So big that late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon both made light of New Jersey legalizing recreational marijuana, poking fun by bring on a Bruce Springsteen impersonator and suggesting that weed actually influenced the creation of the state's flag!


Jimmy Kimmel addressed the issue during his opening monologue on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" saying "there's no way that whoever designed their state flag wasn't high when they did it."

"I mean, look at this, you got two women," Kimmel said. "One's got a hat on a stick. You've got a shield, a horse's head, a knight's helmet or something like that, and a backdrop the color of my mom's kitchen from 1981. They should make rolling papers out of this flag."

Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez, who appears nightly as Kimmel's comedic sidekick, then unveiled nine custom marijuana strains they created for New Jersey.

They all included jokes on New Jersey pop culture: "Bong Jovi," "Hobe-Token," "Chris Crispy," "Fugh-edibles," "Bruce SpringStoned," "Dank Sinatra," "BUD-a-bing," "Jersey TurnPipe" and "Ganja-Gool."

Jimmy Fallon, host of "The Tonight Show," addressed the topic by pretending to have Bruce Springsteen call onto the show. As Fallon interviewed The Boss, an offscreen impersonator mimicked Springsteen's voice, which is known for being rough and difficult to understand at times.