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Brandon Flowers To Undergo Surgery After Bike Accident


Dangit! Poor B.Flow! Brandon Flowers revealed the news on an IG q&A w/ Ronnie Vannucci that he got into a series bike accident a few days before Valentine's Day and now has to undergo shoulder surgery. He will now be in a sling for 6 weeks, and this sucks for a number of reasons, but now with the surgery, the killers may have to alter their plans to do a short tour in the UK this spring.

Flowers said:

“I went over the handlebars on my bike,” he said, “and an injury from that has manifested itself. I have a torn labrum on that [right] shoulder so I am going under the knife in a couple of weeks to get that taken care off.”

According to CoS:

This is just the latest procedure for Flowers, who noted he has, “bad shoulders,” and had previously undergone decompression surgery on both shoulder joints. After this upcoming operation, he said, “I will be in a sling for six weeks.”

The accident puts a damper on The Killers plans for a short tour of the UK in May and June. “We hope May happens,” Flowers said. “It’s not looking great.” Of course, the ongoing pandemic may alter the band’s touring plans just the same.

But that doesn’t mean he plans to be idle. He confirmed that the band is working on a new album, and dropped hints about a track that Vannucci referred to as a “novel.” According to Flowers, ”It’s a seven-minute song about a slot technician with a gambling problem. It’s good.”

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