South Philly Photographer Photographs Billie Eilish Vanity Fair

photo: via phillyinquirer instagram

UN-BILLIE-VABLE! congrats to you, Quil Lemons...what a major job to throw on your resume- at 23 you photographed the world's biggest super star for vanity fair. At 23, he is the youngest photographer to shoot a Vanity Fair cover. Annnd his first big feature? Billie Eilish.

He went from a kid who fiddled around with his aunt’s digital camera when she visited his house during the holidays to photographing celebrities early in his career. He earned national acclaim at age 20 with "Glitterboy," a 2017 photo series that highlighted men of color wearing shimmering makeup and challenged preconceived notions of masculinity.

Check out the full story below or HERE via Philly Inquirer