Study indicates post COVID-19 brain-related symptoms may be common


People who have gone thru a covid-19 infection are reporting problems remembering names conversations, difficulty paying attention, and slower processing speeds, a new UCSF study indicates.

via 6abc:

SAN FRANCISCO -- Problems remembering names and conversations, difficulty paying attention, and slower processing speeds -- these are all symptoms that people are experiencing post-COVID-19 infections. A new University of California, San Francisco study indicates these brain-related symptoms may be quite common.

"I'm getting the job done, but it's difficult," said Frank Dostal, who was the 208th person to test positive for COVID in Marin County in March. The 57-year-old small business owner was initially hospitalized. He recovered and was feeling good, until months later he was overcome with exhaustion and forgetfulness.
He says multi-tasking is now near impossible. "I'm not able to do more than one thing at a time well. So I have to stop everything and focus on one particular thing."

He's seen doctors and he's been to the ER, but says, "so far everybody is saying you're fine Frank, but I don't always feel 100% fine."