Are Twenty One Pilots Teasing The Next Era?

We know they've been working on new music. Tyler literally told fans just a few months ago

"I'm writing a record right now, I'm not sure when it'll be released, but it's definitely going to be sooner than we were planning on releasing a record."

Well, looks like maybe we could be getting closer and closer to hearing even more new music from Twenty One Pilots. Whenever they make any move on social media, fans start up in a frenzy and begin to theorize; and for this one I don't blame them.

This week, twenty one pilots updated the header image on their social media platforms. Both Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun can be seen looking out over an orange misty haze. In the distance you can see some sort of a large building. Some fans are totally convinced this image is a hint at twenty one pilots’ next era and new music associated with an album and of course the color ORANGE being the color tied to the album. *and the last two albums were yellow and red, so the color between yellow and red when mixed together....= orange* hmmmm...

Via AltPress:

As we know, twenty one pilots associate one strong color with each of their albums. 2015’s Blurryface is associated with red while the Trench era is known for its distinct yellow. Seeing as the new image is orange, a color that twenty one pilots haven’t used before, fans think this may be a clue about their new music.