Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Talks Voting Initiative & Philly with John Clark

What an awesome interview! John Clark got a chance to talk with legendary lead guitarist Mike McCready of Pearl Jam about the band's voting initiative, his connection to Philaldelphia and so much more! Pearl Jam is always a band with a cause... and they are trying to bring that message to help our country move forward.

On things that really matter, all the members of Pearl Jam agree on the same things; and that's how they've been able to remain so tight as a band for the last 30 years.

"I feel very lucky that I lay with these guys and we've been together for 30 years- on the things that really matter to us in terms of civil rights, women's rights, voting's stuff we talk about on and off the road- and we wanna be involved in a solution. I still don't know how we've been together for 31 years. I definitely feel it in my lower back now"- Mike McCready

CHECK OUT John Clark's full interview HERE! or in the tweet below! AND GET OUT TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3RD!