Jessie Chats with Dallon Weekes of IDK How But They Found Me

I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, or iDKHOW is FINALLY dropping their debut album (which has been like four years in the making)....

You might remember the name Dallon Weekes from being a member of Panic! At The Disco from 2009-2018, touring around the world and picking up Gold and Platinum plaques as a key songwriter on the chart-topping Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! and more. In 2016, he introduced iDKHOW at a small show in Los Angeles before denying its existence for months to follow. The project formally revealed itself prior to hitting the road and performing on the mainstage at UK’s Reading and Leeds Festivals as well as sharing stages with the likes of Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, Billie Eilish, The Killers, The National and Blink 182, just to name a few. 

With a curated storyline - iDKHOW was initially believed to have been a band from 30 plus years ago that never got their big break. A band that time forgot. But in 2017, an anonymous donor began to release recovered video footage of iDKHOW. The videos, released out of chronological order, span the years 1964 to 1983 and hint to a different story than that of a band lost to obscurity. As this footage of iDKHOW has surfaced in the past three years, fans, music historians and conspiracy theorists have converged on internet platforms to debate the story of iDKHOW. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dallon about the concept and the writing for the new album "Razzmatazz" which will officially be out October 16th! Check out our Zoom interview below, and if you know someone in a local band- definitely some great advice here for local musicians! 

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