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Philly businesses band together to sell discounted e-gift card bundles!

(Photo: Steve Eckert)

The Philly love is REAL! Check this out-

A growing group of Philly businesses have banded together to sell discounted e-gift card bundles at a website called: LoveYourLocal.org. They got together with one thing in mind: to try to save jobs for all of their part-time workers during the coronavirus outbreak and closures.

Jordan Denny, founder and CEO of eCommerce company Momentary Ink, started to see how badly the covid-19 was affecting businesses in the community, and he wanted to do something to help and make a larger impact.

So he and his team from Momentary Ink created LoveYourLocal.org. The goal was to sustain his part-time workforce and keep all of the doors open past the COVID-19 closures through the sale of e-gift cards and to bundle them all up for local business and services like restaurants, salons and stores across the city!

“I wanted to use what resources we had to help other local businesses. It was kind of an inward conversation,” Denny said. “What can we afford to do as a business?”

By purchasing more than one gift card on the site, customers will actually save money, Denny explained. When buying two gift cards, you’ll receive 10% off, while three gift cards gets you 15% off and four gift cards gets 20% off.

Some of Philly's favorite businesses are are at risk of closing down. Check out more at LoveYourLocal.org to see how you can help them out and SAVE money at the same time! Stay safe out there!

Read up on more details here via Technically

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