Jessie Talks with Tom DeLonge!

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Hey Tom DeLonge is the man. Unfortunately Angels & Airwaves had to cancel their Winter Jawn appearance, but he's recovering from a really nasty upper respiratory infection that forced him and AVA to have to cancel 2 weeks worth of shows. Despite all that, Tom's in great spirits and extremely excited for what's to come with Angels & Airwaves.

I am so glad we got to talking about the alien research because my respect for Tom just grew exponentially. People said "he's completely lost his mind, he's chasing aliens"... Well, now the US Army just went into contract to work with Tom and his research academy. He took bullets and arrows for years and he was right. He is mad fkn woke and knows what he's talking about with life lessons and humanity. This is an extremely focused Tom DeLonge that is ready for the world to hear the entire AVA experience and art project. It is completely different than Blink-182 and I think you'll appreciate his thoughts on comparing the two. Basically what I'm trying to say is this is a really really good conversation to dig into if you're interested!

+ we talked about the upcoming music and upcoming AVA documentary that I think you'll be super excited about. Check it out below!

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KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas 2019 - Day 1

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