Instagram Set to Start Hiding Like Counts in the U.S.!

UH OH! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO GUYS?! "LIKES" are about to disappear on IG! (i'm being totally sarcastic here).

I think this is the best idea ever. No, it's not because a bunch of "snowflakes" can't handle having less followers, it's just the fact that social media, and "likes" and apps in general are controlling our minds, and this kind of stuff shouldn't matter. Imagine being a kid on social media in this generation. Kids are literally making sure they get enough "likes" on their posts before they get a good nights sleep because that type of stuff mentally affects them. Likes are like currency these days and it's super scary stuff. Idk about you, but I'm over it.

According to Variety:

Instagram likes are about to disappear from public view for many more users: The Facebook-owned photo sharing service is getting ready to hide like counts from U.S. users as early as next week, CEO Adam Mosseri announced at a Wired event in San Francisco Friday.

In an attempt to strengthen conversations over popularity contests, Instagram has been experimenting with hiding like counts from its users for a few months now. The service first began testing hidden like counts in Canada this spring, and subsequently expanded the test to half a dozen other countries, including Brazil, Japan and Australia.

Instagram won’t be getting rid of like counts altogether; users will still be able to see how often a post of theirs has been liked. However, these like counts won’t be displayed to followers anymore, and won’t appear in public Instagram feeds.

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