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More Details on Removal Project of Tower Theater's Tower

You've probably heard the news about the landmark tower that sits high above Tower Theater and how it's time to say so goodbye... RIP To Tower Theater's Iconic Tower Sign

Tonight I got to talk to Dave Martino of Martino Signs who worked on the project of removing the tower (which will officially be wrapped up tomorrow).

Check out his twitter below and you can see some pictures too.

Dave told me they went up there a few weeks ago to try to fix the lights on the tower, and that's when they realized how bad this thing was:

'When we went up there, my jaw dropped; the metal was so deteriorated".

So they got in touch with engineers, repair guys, metal guys etc. because everyone wanted to try to fix it=

"As we were trying to figure out a way to fix the tower a few weeks ago, a wind storm came by and actually moved the tower. The wind literally moved a 16 ton tower, and we realized how unstable this thing was."

He said it took weeks to try to find the perfect weather to get this tower down. It turned out to be a HUGE project. Dave also told me that they got in touch with an electronic music museum in Blue Bell who wants the top piece of The Tower, so Martino Signs will work on restoring that and bringing it back to life. And the letters on the Tower will be saved as well. Tower might used them on the side of the building.

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