Remember Andy King?


This just made me day so much better. I remember thinking to myself, "this guy could totally be on TV". So yeahhh... Ha... remember "THAT" one guy from the Fyre Fest doc that turned into a meme (for good reason) after the documentary came out. His name is Andy King..(.some call him "the BJ dude from the Fyre Fest doc). Now he struck a talent deal and is getting his own show!

TV Guide reports:

Andy King is the party planner featured in the doc who became a cult/internet hero after viewers saw him explain that, as the event was collapsing in the moments before it was scheduled to start, organizer Billy McFarland asked him to perform oral sex on a Bahamian official so he'd release a bunch of water stuck in customs. King, in what soon became one of the year's best memes, calmly explained how he sucked it up (his pride I mean), swished some mouthwash, and hustled over to the official's place, ready to do the ultimate job for the team. His act of (almost) service paid off: He's now coming to your TV screen.

So apparently the production company Spoke Studios, (Queer Eye and Hell's Kitchen among shows) is currently pitching a TV series to "a range of broadcasters and platforms." Spoke sees King, who has decades of event planning experience with big names under his belt, as something like the Tim Gunn of the event production world, and is looking to capture King's frankness and experience "across genres from original talk shows, unscripted series and podcasts." Read more HERE via Deadline.

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