Blink-182 CONFIRM 15 new tracks!

A lot of EXCITING stuff is swirling around the world of blink-182. In this interview (right before they took the stage in Atlantic City for Warped Tour 25), the band discussed the upcoming tour w/ Neck Deep and Lil Wayne. We also dug into the new album, the songs that they've released so far and how they've been working real hard at the album. The album was supposed to be out June of this year, but they just kept making more music and coming up with more ideas for new songs- which is amazing! They also confirmed 15 NEW TRACKS on this upcoming album and they said it will definitely be out by the end of the summer.

Check out our interview below and don't forget to get your tickets to see them September 18th, at BB&T Pavilion!

Also- Travis Barker just revealed the band plans on releasing a brand new EP right after they drop this new album. More on that HERE

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