INTERVIEW: Matt Maeson chats with Jammmin' Jessie

First of all, Matt Maeson's performance opening up the Block Party on Sunday was flawless. I have to tell you, he has some serious fans. People were singing back every single lyric to him while he performed. I maybe talked to close to 10 different block-party goers who specifically came to the block party JUST to see Matt Maeson.

He's an awesome guy, with a laid back attitude and charm, and his sound is definitely like this acoustic rock almost mixed w/ teeny tiny bit of country vibe. You don't completely hear it in the song "cringe", but all of his other songs were definitely up that alley. He was amazing and I hope he continues to kick some serious butt out there. I think you're gonna like him if you've never heard of him. Check out our interview below!

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