Costco selling GIANT 2 pound donuts!

Go big or go home at Costco right? If there's one thing Costco does right, it's over-sized items. I love Costco too much. I treat it like a special field trip. Every time my mom tells me she's going to Costco, I ask if I can join! I actually used to own a pair of KIRKLAND brand jeans....but that's a conversation for another time.

Now Costco is selling a GIANT two-pound sprinkled donut!

The donuts are jumbo pink icing donuts topped with M&M's and they basically look like something out of a childhood fantasy.

According to Delish, the doughnut weighs a whopping 900 grams (about 2 pounds) and costs $15.99 AUD ($10.96 USD). Unfortunately, the magnificent monster appears to only be available at Costco locations in Queensland, Australia.

Really can't wait til Costco KOP starts selling these babies. This will definitely be what I want as my birthday cake this year!

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