Listen HERE! Brand New Bastille: "Doom Days"

I was walking my dog yesterday morning actually thinking about Bastille and wondering when the heck we were gonna get this new album...! And now, could it be? Are we getting closer and closer to the RELEASE OF THIS NEW ALBUM?!~ Bastille officially dropped the title track "Doom Days" along with a new music video to accompany. It's haunting and gloomy in a perfect Bastille way. Just fabulous. The lyrics reflect all the uncertainty we feel in the modern 21st Century around us. The emptiness of social media. Our self obsessions. All of it, and it's brilliant. My favorite line? “Think I’m addicted to my phone/ My scrolling horror show/ I’m live streaming the final days of Rome.” Love it. It's a quick one too. Clocks in at only 2:21. Gets right to the point. Enjoy below. (Thanks to my girl Soph on twitter aka @ehehohehohh for the heads up on the new song!)