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Is The Trocadero Closing It's Doors?

Could it be? Philly venue The Trocadero closing? Philly Mag is reporting that several sources have indicated that the longtime great venue is shutting it's doors.

The sources have indicated that they have had to move previously booked shows at this venue claiming that this Philly staple will soon be shutting down. The venue has not made an official announcement as this is still just hearsay.

According to Philly Mag:

Several bands, promoters, and concert producers in Philadelphia and beyond tell us that upcoming Trocadero shows have been canceled or moved in recent weeks because the Trocadero will soon be no more.

There are only ten ticketed events currently listed on the Trocadero’s website through August. That’s a sparse schedule for a centrally located concert venue.

Of those ten events, one is marked canceled and another has been moved to World Cafe Live. That’s not counting any shows that were already canceled or moved and then removed from the Trocadero’s site. And the promoter behind one of the shows that is still listed for sale at the Trocadero is currently shopping for a new venue.

“The venue is closing,” he says of the Trocadero. “We are checking alternatives.”

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Another show that WAS supposed to be happening at The Troc was Cole's "Rock The Troc" on May 4th. That show has since been moved to World Cafe Live (now happening 5/19) and was even forced to change the name of the event to "Rock The Cause". Seems like The Troc is definitely shutting it's doors (JSIN).

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Photo: Wikipedia

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