Black Keys new song on NCAA March Madness Promo

What a song. it's too good, it should be illegal. for all the haters who are trying to say the song's a "rip-off" of 'Spirit In The Sky'... cool. that's what everyone said w/ "Gold On The Ceiling" too. Dan Auerbach's influenced by the real good rock and roll that only came from the classic rock era. It just barely sounds like 'Spirit In The Sky'. And if anyone's gonna be influenced by that riff, thank God it's coming from a credible band like The Black Keys who have only given us real honest rock and roll for almost 20 years. (i'll leave it at that)... anyway. I'm praising the damn heavens that we have this new song 'Lo/Hi', thank God. and it's the new theme song for March Madness too. Check out the promo video for it that the NCAA released yesterday.


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