Weezer's marketing game is on point for new album, the Black Album!

Weezer is EVERYWHERE. They are marketing the heck out of the new album The Black Album and they're marketing game is ON POINT.

They just launched the 'Black Metal Hub' merch store which comes complete with ALL-BLACK disposable Weezer cameras, coffee, puzzles, records, sharpie markers, and now a one-off black Fender Stratocaster.

According to musicradar.com

The guitar is finished in matt-black, with matching scratchplate, headstock and hardware, while the fingerboard and back of the neck are finished, too. The Weezer ‘W’ appears beneath the bridge and on the rear neck plate, while a lightning bolt strikes the rear contour.

The Strat is stripped down elsewhere, with a single volume control and hardtail string-through body bridge.

Pickup-wise, it looks like a couple of Seymour Duncan humbuckers - potentially 59 Trembuckers, as per the bridge pickup in Rivers’ legendary Warmoth Strat.

Only one Black Album Fender Stratocaster is available to anyone who shops at Weezer’s Black Metal Hub, where you can read up on the full terms and conditions.

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