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No Dog Gets Left Behind - Spring Fling Event 3/30!

I am beyond thrilled to be apart of helping out this charity called "No Dog Gets Left Behind". No Dog Gets Left Behind is an ALL-VOLUNTEER Philadelphia charity and non-profit organization that provides financial support to reunite soldiers with stray dogs they bonded with while at war and deployed inside combat zones.

To those of you out there who know the unmatched level of true love a dog can bring into your life, one can only imagine how life-changing this can be for a soldier to bring their beloved companion back to the U.S. The relief, comfort and joy this program provides soldiers with is immeasurable, helping to ease readjustment to civilian life and minimizing the impact of PTSD

To date NDGLB has funded over 60 soldier/dog reunions. Additionally, in partnership with area Pennsylvania SPCA rescues, NDGLB’s Stays for Soldiers program helps to subsidize the adoption fees for qualified active duty military members and veterans who give a “forever home” to a shelter pet. Since its inception just a few years ago, their Strays for Soldiers program has helped over 150 rescue animals (dogs and cats) find their forever home with these brave men and women.

These soldiers have literally bonded with these stray animals who have provided them with an immeasurable ammountTo do something like this, the financial investment is substantial: A $5,000-per-pet expenditure that includes vaccines, medical treatment, transportation and more... that's why NDGLB is throwing their Spring Fling Event in hopes that you'll want to be a part of it!

Below is the official flyer for No Dog Gets Left Behind Spring Fling Event happening March 30th.

COME OUT TO THIS! It's going to be so much fun! For the price of $65 for this event (for teens just $20), the night will be filled with a catered dinner, open bar, parking, music, dancing, raffles and more. Proceeds from the spring fling will help reunite combat veterans with the dogs they rescued while deployed in a war zone.

Visit website: www.NDGLB.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NoDogGetsLeftBehind/

ALSO- below find the stories for Frida and Lucky; two of the dogs that NDGLB hope to reunite with their soldiers with the proceeds of the upcoming Spring Fling.

Frida's Soldier writes:

"I want to rescue Fríđa for a few different reasons. First off I must speak of her wonderful personality. She is a true sweetheart, she loves to be around all of us here at camp. She’s always with the team, everything from sitting by the fire pit, working in the aid station, fixing trucks, and even watching movies on the couch. She’s always somewhere close. Especially with me, she sleeps with me every night and the nights when I’m not here she keeps the TOK guard company. Secondly I fear her fate if she is left here. Once we leave country I cannot guarantee her safety. She could very easily be kicked off camp or shot by the next unit. That is even if they keep this camp open. It’s also just not safe here, she’s always around large heavy trucks coming in and out all day. She has already had a few close calls. I know that if I leave her here something bad will be in her future. She is such a wonderful dog and I couldn’t imagine anything bad happening to her. Especially after what She has done for the team and myself. Ever since she has come to our camp the overall attitude and stress level has changed rapidly. When she is around we are all smiles. She always brightens up the mood in the room. I know I have noticed a big difference in myself. I’m so much calmer and laugh more with her around. She is without a doubt our morale dog."

Lucky's Soldier writes:

"I did not plan on having a dog at this point in my life until I met Lucky. As soon as I saw her I realized she was worth making the commitment of taking her home and caring for her. Her playfulness and innocence is adorable and she deserves to be loved and in a good home. She has brought myself and my coworkers an abundance of joy over the short amount of time that we've had to spend with her."

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