New Wave and Post-Punk Valentine's Day Cards 2019!!!

Oh my goodness, these are simply amazing. This guy's graphic/art/creative design work is so unique I love these. The artist is Matthew Lineham and he is known for his New-Wave and Post-Punk Themed Valentine's Day Cards. PS: they're also the old-school 80's style "tear-away" cards that you used to pass around in elementary school too which is so much fun.

*He also has an ever growing catalog of Christmas Ornaments (some of which Amber actually owns), annnd he also does Halloween decorations too (AKA "Boo Wave" Halloween decorations).

The 2019 batch of Valentine’s day cards feature musicians like Nick Cave, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, John Lydon, Andrew Eldritch and More! Check out a few of them below!

Read more info HERE on how you can your hands on some of his awesome work!

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