Foo Fighters Stage Crasher Nearly Takes Out Drumkit!

HAPPY BELATED Bday to the Golden Unicorn that is Dave Grohl. So we all heard the story from last week when Dave fell of the stage after chugging a Bud Light with a fan sidestage. Well, apparently Dave was NOT the drunkest person in the room at the Foos show last week in Vegas! Some dude who they're referring to as "Jay From Bombay" got on stage, chugged Dave's birthday champagne and nearly took out Taylor Hawkins' drumkit before being escorted off by security. Dave is seen in hysterics on the floor of the stage laughing at this guy, and he shouted to the crowd: 

‘His ass is so fired. I don’t know who he works for. How the f*ck are we going to top Jay from Bombay? ‘It ain’t gonna happen.’ 

HA! Watch the video below!

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