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Muse Recruit 'Stranger Things' Artist For New Album Art

“Kyle Lambert nailed it,” Dom Howard.

I remember thinking...this artwork reminds me of something. BINGO! Now we got an answer.

MUSE teamed up w/ the mastermind artist behind 'Stranger Things' to design the album artwork for their brand new upcoming album 'Simulation Theory' due out next week!

The band wanted to achieve this sort of old school, cinematic look for their new album cover and they wanted it to look like the poster that designer Kyle Lambert created for the hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things', so MUSE decided to actually reach out to Kyle Lambert for help! How cool!

According to Kerrang:

“It was my idea to create something that looked like a film poster,” the drummer tells Kerrang!. “I’ve wanted to do that for a few albums – some kind of slightly vintage movie poster. That hasn’t worked out, but this time, once we started working on videos with this director, Lance Drake, we realised it would be cool.”

To realise their vision, the trio approached Los Angeles-based digital artist Kyle Lambert, who created the stunning artwork for Netflix show Stranger Things and the Steven Spielberg 2011 film Super 8.

“We wanted to do it properly: we had to find the right person, it had to be illustrated by hand, it had to actually look like a movie poster,” explains Dom. “We looked at a few different people, but I knew that Kyle, who did Stranger Things, would be the one. I’d seen a load of his work aside from Stranger Things and I knew he could nail it. Colour-wise and stylistically, we gave him a little direction, and he knew exactly what to do. And now I’m glad that the idea finally came to light. Plus, at night time, on an LED billboard, it’ll look awesome!”

SIMULATION THEORY is due out NEXT Friday, November 9th!

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