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Tyler Joseph Reveals Blurryface's Real Name

Trench is officially out.Have you taken it all in yet?

There is so much goodness in this album, and with it we are getting more and more details into the world of Trench, Check it out below....((so you don't have to find yourself awake at 4am inside a Twenty One Pilots Reddit k-hole losing your mind trying to connect everything AKA me over the summer))

Twenty One Pilots sat down with Music Feeds to discuss the meaning of the new album Trench and how it all ties in as a continuation of their last album Blurryface

FYI...Blurryface = Nico. 

MF: The name Nico is mentioned in ‘Morph’ and then again in ‘Nico and the Niners’, is that a reoccurring character on the album?

TJ: Yes, Nico is a very important character on the record. Nico is one of the nine bishops that govern the city of Dema – now stay with me here – his real name is Nicholas Bourbaki and basically this record is a continuation of the story of Blurryface.

Last record, Blurryface was a character that represented insecurity, and the more you learn about those insecurities and the more you learn about that character, the more control that you can have over things like that in your mental game of warWith this record being a continuation of that, one of the things that I knew I wanted to do was to figure out Blurryface’s real name, and Blurryface’s real name is Nicholas Bourbaki

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