Drunk Fan SWIMS Back into Concert Venue!

HA! What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen a fan do at a show?! How about a drunk fan who GOT KICKED OUT OF A SHOW?! Ever see someone try to swim their way back in? Ha this story is great-

Chris LaRocque, was kicked out of Slayer's recent Toronto gig for apparently rocking out a "BIT TOO HARD". He actually got kicked out during the opening act, and he not only missed Slayer, but his favorite band Anthrax who is also on the tour.

The venue is surrounded on all sides by Lake Ontario...

 Sooo LaRocque SWAM BACK INTO THE VENUE. And best part is...Anthrax's Scott Ian got the pics of it and posted it on his intstagram to show this fan's dedication. LOVE IT!

Check out full story HERE via CoS

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