‘Pokémon Go’ Fest attendees settle for $1.6 million

Wait- there was an actual 'Pokémon Go' Festival? 

Last year, there was a meetup for avid users of the app, and the "event"/ "festival" in Chicago, turned out to be a TOTAL disaster. From connectivity issues, to long lines and servers crapping out, the issues ruined the entire festival, and some attendees decided to file a class action lawsuit against the game company Niantic.

Via AltPress.com-

Per the Mashable report, Niantic originally offered ticket refunds and in-game items worth $100 for the disappointed visitors, but for those who traveled to Chicago for the event, they were out much more than the cost of a ticket and game items. Factoring in the cost of car rentals, airfare, hotels and other travel expenses, the ending resulted in a settlement of $1.6 million. 

Ninantic is reportedly paying out $1,575,000 to reimburse visitors and the official settlement should be up by May 25, per a report by TechCrunch.

The site also reports that there will be a catch to the settlement, as the people claiming a part in the lawsuit will have had to check into the fest through the game, with the added factor that those who are claiming over $100 will have to be able to back their claims up with receipts of their alleged expenses.

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